Head on over to the Forum for character creation, or click on Characters to the left to create a new character sheet. Things that other players shouldn’t see should be put under the “Player Secret” section of the character sheet.

You will want to keep the “Tag” and “Compel” parts of your aspects a secret, as well as your secret name. You may also want to keep any sorcery or artifacts you possess hidden as well.

Some general information:

Your characters will all start of as Barons, each with their own Barony. There is no overall world map, we’ll build that as necessary, starting with the assumption that your Baronies are somewhat close together. The game makes the assumption that you all know each other on a social/professional level. Most of the game play will take place in your various territories during events like parties, hunts, treasure hunts, political events, etc.

Houses of the Blooded: Invocation

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